Sidney & Norman: A Tale of Two Pigs – Review

Sidney & Norman cover artPhil Vischer, creator of Veggie Tales, spins this powerful fable of two pigs, neighbors and opposites. Its a good little book, emphasizing God’s grace and love, and the powerful transformative power of His grace and love. The book is excellently illustrated by Justin Gerard, and published by Tommy Nelson. Go get it, read it to your kids, and pay attention for yourselves, as well.

Here are Sidney and Norman. Norman is perfect. He’s better than me, or you. Sidney’s a screw-up, never gets it right and he knows it. Even I’m better than him. One day, they each get a letter, inviting them to meet with God. God has a message for them. They soon learn the truth about themselves.

We all know a Sidney, and we all know a Norman; two lives guided by their experiences in life, interpreting their value and importance through their successes and failures. It may even be one of us. Its easy for us to stumble and not even know it, and this message of God’s transforming grace is the cure. It puts it our lives into the right perspective, with God, and the truth of his word, as the central, unchanging, unmoving anchor in our uncertain world.

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