Can’t wait till Spring!

Tuamoto Archipelago, French PolynesiaMy youngest daughter gave me a sailing calendar for Christmas. I get one every year and hang it above my desk where I can see it every time I look up. This year’s calendar is almost an act of cruelty. February’s picture is an aerial photo of the Tuamotu Archipelago, French Polynesia .

This picture isn’t even a hint of the beauty in the calendar.The calendar shows the archipelago meandering across the ocean with endless beaches, piers jutting out, and boats moored in the peaceful, amazing blue water. Sometimes I catch myself looking at the picture and dreaming of quitting my job and moving my family over there. I wonder…

Now, mendota14feb2007.jpgI sail on Lake Mendota, Madison, WI. Here is a picture of the lake today. Click on it and it gets much bigger. Its from the LakeCam at the UW. There is another Lake Mendota webcam here that you can control. Its not as good as it used to be, simply because there is so much building going on at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, that the buildings are obscuring the view. You can use this one to find ice-fisherman out on the lake. Not exciting to watch.

Not the best day for a sail. Not even Ice Sailing. It was probably about one degree below zero this morning. Ah, French Polynesia, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Tuamoto, how I wish I was there!

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