The Figureheads: Hip-Hop without hate

little_parrothead_21.jpgThe Figureheads, a Milwaukee-based Hip-Hop group, has won the 2007 Parent’s Choice Gold Medal Award . Their music is a truly unique expression of hip-hop, focusing on positive experiences and self-image. If you kid likes hip-hop but you hate the message that most groups push, The Figureheads are for you.

The Figureheads started in Madison, where I’m from, and my oldest daughter is a fan. The Figureheads began writing and recording their music while one of the members worked for Integrated Development Services (IDS), a Madison-based provider of services for families with children with autism, ADD, Sensory Integration Disorder, and other related problems. He had been working with a particular child and written some songs especially with him. The founder and director of IDS, Andy Paulson, was excited about the possiblities of using his music to aid other children, starting Kiddo Publishing and producing a CD especially for kids with special needs. For a short time the Figureheads were on contract with IDS to write and perform.

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