Christmas Tragedy

little_parrothead_21.jpgChristmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year. Working so hard to find the time to travel across the country to spend time with our families, and then the fun time we have make it the highlight of the year.

But, today, the day after Christmas, I feel that I’ve missed it. The focus on family, especially our children, neices and nephews, seems to have left Jesus on the periphery this year. It’s the tragedy of Christmas.

It has been slowly moving toward this for me. Despite church on Christmas Eve, despite telling the Nativity story to our children over and over, for me it seems to have become perfunctory, not an act of love or devotion. It’s time I changed.

Jesus’ message to the church at Ephesus warned them to return to their first love, to devote themselves to Jesus and not to His works. It’s devotion to our Christ that transforms our actions and activities into more than acts of duty. Its devotion to our Jesus that makes our lives rich and transforms us. It’s our unity in our faith in Jesus that transforms our love and extends Christmas through the entire year, longer then the toys that break or the memories that fade.

So, I hope you had a Merry Christmas, and I pray, too, that you enter into a meaningful and prosperous New Year. I don’t have a bible handy to get a proper quote, but John writes something about prospering as our souls prospers. So, let us all have a year where our souls truly prosper, and avoid another Christmas Tragedy.

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