Nice, but I’ll take the Kindle, please

I tried to find the blog where I learned about this enormous reading contraption from Japan this morning, but I couldn’t find it. I searched on the term “reading robot” and quickly found another source.

Equipped with character recognition software, this oversized robot can read printed materials. It’s expressive ability is similar to the Kindle’s, which is to say, it is surprisingly good for a machine, but needs a lot of work before it’s ready.

I love robots. I think it is amazing what they can be programmed to do. But this one is overkill. The developers say it will be great for reading to kids or old folks. So maybe it’s really a metal nanny, instead of a reader. I don’t think this will promote reading, but it sure will promote alienation between parents and children. Why bond to mom or dad when I have this lovely machine? Send me a Kindle, instead. Better yet, send me Grandma!

Here is a video:

Thanks to Pink Tentacle for the article on this robotic miscue.

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