Rapunzel Redux-With Sequel

The Book Smugglers reviewed Rapunzel’s Revenge today, and as is usual with them, their review was thorough and excellent, and they loved it. (Here’s the link to my review of Rapunzel’s Revenge). Reading their review, they let it be known that Team Hale (Shannon Hale, her husband Dean Hale, and not-at-all related Nathan Hale) have competed their sequel, Calamity Jack.

Oooohh, I thought, as my oldest daughter wandered into the kitchen for breakfast while I was reading The Book Smugglers’ review, she’ll will be excited to know about this! So I tell her, with an excited tone, and show her the cover image The Book Smugglers had posted. “Oh yeah, I knew”, she says. “How did you hear?”, says I. “I heard it a long time ago. I’ve known about that for a long time.”

Well, it didn’t really burn my toast, but I do hate being the last to know. (So, do I tell her that the newest graphic novel in the Kat & Mouse series,  Kat & Mouse Volume 4 (Kat and Mouse (Graphic Novels)) is out in September? She’s been waiting for over a year and given up hope.)

Anyway, if you haven’t read Shannon Hale’s (and team Hale’s, to keep it short) graphic novel, Rapunzel’s Revenge, go out and get it today. It’s really aimed mostly at girls, but boys might get a few kicks out of it, too.

And here is a bit of the lowdown from the publisher on Calamity Jack, this snagged from The Book Smugglers review:

Jack thinks of himself as a criminal mastermind with an unfortunate amount of bad luck. A schemer, a trickster …maybe even a thief? But, of course, he’s not out for himself he’s trying to take the burden off his hardworking mum’s shoulders. She’d understand, right? He hopes she might even be proud. Then, one day, Jack chooses a target a little more …’giant’ than the usual, and as one little bean turns into a great big building-destroying beanstalk, his troubles really begin. But with help from Rapunzel and other eccentric friends, Jack just might out-swindle the evil giants and put his beloved city back in the hands of the people who live there …whilst catapulting them and the reader into another fantastical adventure.

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  1. Thea Says:

    Hah! You’re daughter’s totally publishing news savvy 😉

    I wish I had this kind of graphic novel when I was a young girl…I’m giving this one to my ten year old sis, and cannot wait to watch her face light up with the news of Calamity Jack. (If she doesn’t already know about it, that is!)

    Thanks for the props, too!

  2. senorparrot Says:

    Well, the graphic novel scene was even bleaker when I was a kid (I think I’m quite a bit older than you). We had Classics Illustrated comics. I’m reading Wilkie Collins’ The Moonstone right now and I remember my older brother having the Classics Illustrated version of it. My memory of the comic bears no resemblance to the book. A small comic format couldn’t begin to hold all that is in the book.

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