Book Review: Albert Einstein by Kathleen Krull

Albert Einstein Cover
Albert Einstein
by Kathleen Krull
Illustrations by Boris Kulikov

Reading books about great scientists can be both fun and inspirational and Kathleen Krull has written a very engaging biography of Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein was one of the greatest scientists of all time. Einstein’s greatness lay in his revolutionary ideas that sprung from his unique way of seeing the world, and from his confidence that he was right. Revolutionary ideas always face resistance. Confidence is important if you are to keep pressing on to prove your ideas.

Kathleen Krull’s book is perfect for kids in the middle grades, but even older kids would find this clearly written book a good starting point to learn more about Einstein. In fact, I think that many adults would also appreciate her short biography of Albert Einstein, as well.

Albert Einstein’s work is not easy to understand. After all, due to the complexities of his work and the pure genius that lay behind it, the name Einstein has become synonymous with brilliance and the highest level of scientific braininess. But in this neat little biography, Kathleen Krull clearly explains the most extraordinary implications of Einstein’s theories, and his thought processes in developing these. She emphasizes his personal struggles as a student and young scientist, originating in part from his poor social skills and his unwitting actions that  alienated the scientists who might have extended him some crucial support early in his career.

I liked this book a lot and I recommend it. Biographies of scientists are some of my favorite reads. I’m always fascinated by how they think and proceed with their work. Scientists just rock! I’m clearly biased, though. I married a scientist. In no small part her own fascinating research was an important aspect of her life that drew me to her and I can see how her personality is reflected in the topics that interested her and her choices of research.

Author Kathleen KrullKathleen Krull, the author of Albert Einstein, has written a boatload of other biographies for kids, many of them about scientists. On the strength of this book, I want to read more of her books and I’ll probably review them too. You can read more about Kathleen Krull at her website. Also, I’d love to hear of any other favorite science writers and their books that you have.

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