Legos Stop Motion Movies

Frankenstein's MonsterI wrote a little while back that I’m not enjoying reading Frankenstein, so I rarely pick it up to finish it. But, ever since last Thursday I’ve been looking forward to crawling through a couple paragraphs a night just before I fall asleep. Why? Frankenstein would make a great Lego’s stop motion movie.

I was driving to pick up my oldest daughter from school when I got the idea. We have some legos and boodles of playmobil stuff from when they were little and we could fashion a really sorry version of Frankenstein from them. If we do this right we could even dubb our voices in for the characters. I texted my daughter with the idea and got the affirmative.

Now, the hard part. first we have to find the time and then We’ve got to put together our script and storyboard and then cast the film with appropriate Legos and Playmobil characters. Then we’ll build a set and start the arduous process of taking a photo, moving the character a bit, taking a photo, and so on. This should be fun.

Or, as I just found out when I started looking for pictures, Lego makes a Frankenstein’s Monster in its ‘LEGO Monster Fighters: The Crazy Scientist & His Monsters.

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